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Weather in Paris

Although a far cry from its Mediterranean counterparts like Nice and Marseille, Paris rewards its millions of visitors with pleasant and mild temperatures all year around. The French capital has the typical western European climate, with summers that aren’t scorchers and winters that aren’t blizzards – ideal for all sightseers!

Average temperatures in Paris

Average (°C) Average low Average high Events
January 3 1 5
  • New Year’s Day Parade
  • Cirque de Demain (circus festival)
February 5 1 9
  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Carnaval de Paris
March 9 4 13
  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Salon du Livre (literary festival)
  • Paris Fashion Week
  • Paris Film Festival
April 10 5 14
  • Foire du Trone (funfair)
  • Paris Marathon
May 15 9 20
  • Nuit des Musées
  • French Open Tennis Championship
June 18 12 23 Fête de la Musique
July 19 14 24
  • Paris Jazz Festival
  • Paris Plages opening
  • Bastille Day
  • Tour de France
August 19 13 24
  • Rock en Seine
  • La Villette Open-Air Cinema Festival
September 17 12 21
  • Journée du Patrimoine (open doors day)
  • La Villette Jazz Festival
October 13 9 16 Festival d’Automne
November 7 4 10
  • Armistice DayAll Saints’ Day – Toussaint
  • Turning on of Christmas lights
December 5 3 7
  • Salon Nautique de Paris(international boat show)
  • Mystery of Christmas (recreation of Nativity on steps of the Notre Dame)
  • Family Christmas Mass at the Church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés
  • Christmas Markets -Champs-Elysées and Trocadéro

Seasonal overview for Paris


Spring by ParisSharingThe cold winter weather gives way and temperatures climb into double figures, reaching around 20°C in May. The city responds with the return of its famed café culture; you’ll start to see a lot more people walking, cycling and spilling out of bars and cafés, all appreciating the sunny afternoons. Early spring statistically has the lowest rainfall of all the seasons, but there is still the odd shower so pack an umbrella if you’re out and about.


Summer by Moyan_BrennSummer in Paris is when the city comes alive and the parks and gardens blossom. Temperatures are really quite good, staying around 25°C for the whole of July and August and can occasionally more – the perfect temperature to avoid that horrible sticky heat you often experience in cities. The balmy evenings are also good for a summer city break as Paris takes on a festival atmosphere and fine food and wine can be enjoyed on all restaurant terraces. Rainfall levels are moderate but the occasional short sharp downpour can occur. August and September can sometimes have thunderstorms as the heat and humidity builds.

Tours in Paris


Autumn by dicktay20000After the summer highs, the temperature in Paris quickly falls to about 10°C in November, while nights are in single figures by late September. It is also a pretty grey time of year, with an average of about three hours a day of sunshine and a fair bit of rain. Despite the cooler temperatures, it can be the ideal time to visit as the city is a lot less crowded with tourists, while the parks and tree-lines avenues are golden. As the weather is a little up and down, it’s probably best to pack a coat and a brolly as well as sunglasses!


Winter by emerilleWinters can be described as crisp. January is a particularly cold month with temperatures struggling to get above 5°C. Make sure you bring things to wrap up in as well as waterproof clothes as it’s often pretty drizzly and things can be a little gloomy. December and January see an average of 16 or 17 wet days each and sunshine levels are low, at around two hours per day. Snowfall is rare but the odd flurry will occur once or twice making the city look like a beautiful winter wonderland.

Making the most of Paris’ weather

Despite the slight unpredictability of weather in Paris at times, its mild yearly temperatures and warm summers with the occasional heat wave make for the perfect city break destination. Even if you do pick a particularly rainy weekend, there’s so much to see that’s indoors – from the Louvre to the word-famous Galeries Lafayette department store. If you are in Paris in the spring sunshine, then climb the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views or take a river boat down the Seine and get a close up of the architecture and the World Heritage sites.

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